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I am a happy and excited researcher who enjoys exploration, asking 'what' and 'how should' questions during my research endeavours. In addition, I research aspects of mobile technology-enhanced learning topics, inspired by the higher education students studying IS/IT degree subjects. I have noted that administrators, lecturers and students love their using personal devices and apps, demonstrating a propensity for their own mobile personal learning environments (MPLEs). Our campus environment supports technology-enhanced learning and has recently instituted a BYOD policy. Problem-based learning has been built into many of the 3rd year programs.


These strategies endeavour to help students transition to the world-of-work. I believe that digital technology plays a highly relevant role in leading students to employment spaces and lifelong learning. Digital technologies support connectivity, enable integration  and encourage independent discovery. Furthermore, I have practised the use of digital tools to support on-the-move postgraduate and research productivity. This platform and its tips and tricks aims to share enabling contributions of mobile technology-enhanced learning. I hope you share your digital  'secrets' too.

Interconnectivity enables digital support at all stages of the research journey

Journal and conference publications address emergent research topics

A community of  like-minded research scholars share digital tools and skills

Are your digital skills "hot" enough for a professional research outputs?

I collected a basket of digital tools during my Masters and Doctoral journeys. applying skills that improved the quality of my research outputs. This digilearning platform aims time to time to share  acquired digital capabilities. This section addresses five major foci linked to the production of dissertation, thesis and academic publications such as:​

Digital Tools
Researchers' Comments
Dr. Patricia Harpur’s support and guidance in writing a dissertation proposal is invaluable.  Her key insights and detailed comments are easy to follow and provide clear steps to take in order to deliver a stronger argument. Thank you!
Kim T. Isaacs-Amon. M.Tech (Organisational Leadership) student. Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa.

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Support for Postgraduate & Research Productivity